Monday, September 14

Oh Those Last Few Weeks

You remember them, right? The last 3 weeks before your baby was born. Its almost as though someone flips a switch daily. And I'm not sure if my energy is going to be on (full blast) or off. We are in true nesting mode around here. Well, at least we were this weekend. As I was feverishly scrubbing my kitchen counters and backsplash, I caught my husband stopped dead in his tracks staring at me. It was then that I realized, "Wow, I really am a crazy pregnant woman right now." It seemed necessary at the time. I guess to him, it was completely insane. Nesting this early can drive a woman crazy. I have all of the clothes clean, folded and put away. Bassinet ready for a new baby to sleep in. Laundry (almost) caught up. The only thing left to do is have a baby. And, well, that could take weeks.

So, I have two choices, sulk or keep busy. I've chosen the latter. Its noon and we've already cleaned part of the house, laundry is going, took a 2 mile walk and Anne is now down for a nap.

Come, Elliora, come.


The Talberts said...

I always think nesting is such a cruel joke on women. For some of us, we have this desire to clean and organize that we've never had before. But if we go with it and clean like the crazy ladies we are, we pay for it later. It would be nice if we could experience nesting more in the second trimester.

The Kampers said...

oh friend! I know your pain! I was thinking about it yesterday when I was on our annual shopping trip. Last year I felt about ready to pop, only to have 2 more months! Hang in there!

krissy said...

oh, I feel for you. Those last weeks are so hard. Hang in there.

Jenni said...

I so know how you feel! When I was pregnant last time I had the birth pool set up, our birth kit opened, and all the baby blankets and hats and clothes all washed and ready for baby by the time I was 35 weeks pregnant! It was all I could think about, "Am I going to have a baby today? Tonight?" I didn't end up going into labor until I was over 41 weeks. But it's true, once she was here, it was all worth it!