Wednesday, September 30

Oh What To Do

I went very excitedly to the doctor last night, hoping (as we all do) for progression in the labor process.  Unfortunately, I was given more bad, than good news.  I'm still only 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  No progression there.  My blood pressure, which has always been excellent, was high.  Protein in my urine.  And increased swelling in my legs/feet.  Those of you reading this that have been pregnant before just had a red flag go up in your minds.

While I have been very adamant about going VBAC with this one, I also have come to a point where I must listen to my OB's educated advice.  She is concerned that the baby hasn't turned face down yet, which can mean a long, difficult labor and delivery.  She is also concerned that the baby is becoming distressed.

The doctor promised to call me today to check-in and see if there has been a change - which hasn't happened.  No contractions, no water breakage.  I feel the same as always.  I'm scheduled to return to the doctor's office on Friday morning for an additional exam (mainly to check my blood pressure and swelling).  We are also tentatively scheduling a c-section for Friday afternoon.  I always have the option of canceling - and of course, something natural could happen before then, though that doesn't look promising.

So, in short, it looks like one way or another, we will be seeing our little girl this weekend!


Amanda Irene said...

At least at the end of all this you'll get to hold your sweet baby. I've been praying for you and the baby.

Pam said...

Health and safety is best. YAY to meeting your sweet little baby girl soon. :) We'll be praying for you all.
Love you cuz!

Kentucky Kate said...

Can't wait to see the pics! Those last few days of pregnancy are brutal, but it's so nice to see the end in sight - and to know that it will be this weekend :) I remember being in the hospital and the dr telling me that if I wasn't in labor on my own, she was going to induce for high blood pressure and secretly thinking, "Thank you God for high blood pressure." I didn't think I could bear it if they sent me home :)