Wednesday, August 19


I admit, the majority of my AHA moments as a mother are not due to any particular strategizing that I have done.  In fact, most of them just happen.  Which is why my response is - AHA!

Who knew that switching Annelise to her big girl bed would solve our bedtime woes?

We babysat Alayna (my niece) last night and needed to lay her down for bed before her parents got here.  Naturally, we used Annelise' crib.  Much to my dismay, Annelise grew very cranky earlier than normal and we needed to put her in bed.  

At which time we were faced with the dilemma.  Do we put her in the big girl bed?  Left without much choice, we did just that.  And would you know it?  She stayed there all night long.  No spankings.  No coercing from mommy.

For nap time today, she headed straight for her crib.  I quickly directed her to the big girl bed, which brought a joyous smile to her bright 19-month old face.  I love those moments.

It occurred to me several minutes ago that I did not have to check on her once, spank her or place her back in bed.  She's out cold, in her big girl bed.

What an AHA moment!


The Kampers said...

HURRAY! I have decided that this whole parenting thing is just a guessing game! Maybe we should put Elliot down in the toddler bed we have...think it would help?

Glad it worked, even if for the day!

Lee and Candace said...

Oh good! Moving Isabel to her big girl bed was one of the easiest transitions for us. She loved it so much and was so excited about it she just wanted to sleep there. She has only ever tried to climb out once and it was weird when she did. Glad it's working for you.

Angie said...

Yeah! We put Wyatt in the bottom bunk a couple weeks ago. I thought at 18 months we were crazy! But he is sleeping great, minus the teeth business he's dealing with now! Why does getting new teeth turn your poor baby's butt the color of fire!