Sunday, August 9

And We're Back

I love vacation.  Although, my dad and I were talking and both agreed that much of the joy that comes from vacation is in the anticipation of what's to happen.  I must say, the reality was more similar to the anticipation than it has ever been. 

Before we left for vacation, I managed to scrounge up enough money to get Matt a new set of golf clubs.  I'm pretty sure the garage sale set he was using was older than him (that's old for golf clubs).  Needless to say he was surprised and overjoyed.  The best part: I made the 30 minute trek to Grandville to purchase the clubs with a toddler (during nap time) and a 5 month old.  I must have been a site to see!  I paid for the clubs with cash too.  That felt great!

We vacationed at my sister-in-law's parents' cottage in Muskegon, Michigan.  This is the view of the channel that leads out to Lake Michigan.  It was a beautiful place to stay!

Papa and Granny with Annelise on the beach.  It was a little windy, but she was loving every minute of it.

Playing a "civil" game of Monopoly our first night at the cottage.  I won't brag, but I won.  Enough said.

I couldn't resist buying the cousins matching outfits.  Annelise is almost 19 months old and Alayna is 5 1/2 months old.  They ended up switching the underwear that went with the dresses because the 18 months were too big for Annelise.  That cracks me up!

She looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't she?  Don't be fooled.

Me, 31 weeks pregnant and feeling it.  I think I was taking a rest after our walk.

Uncle Matt and Annelise enjoying snack time by the pool.  

Aunt Leah taking the girls swimming. 
Annelise watching daddy and Aunt Sarah play beach volleyball.  PS - See that beautiful, purple sippy cup?  I got it on sale at Dick's for $6.99.  A little pricey for a sippy cup, but its a Nalgene and our new favorite.  She loves using it!

Matt, being the outgoing extrovert that he is, invited himself to play beach volleyball with a bunch of strangers.  He had a great time - and my sister even joined him!

I thought this shot was cool.  
1)  Could she be any skinnier?  Try not to hate.  
2)  Look at that form!  I hope she's playing college volleyball this year!

And last, but not least, the girls decided to do a little something for themselves this week. Since the guys spent the majority of the vacation money on golf, we decided a pedicure was in order. And boy did it feel glorious!  Here's mom and Leah enjoying their pampering.

As we return to reality (its so hard after such a long time away) we're anticipating many milestones in our future.  School starts in 6 weeks, we will have a new addition to our home in 9 weeks and life will be completely different after that.  


The Talberts said...

These are great! Matt's face as he opens up his clubs is priceless. Good job, Rachael!

I'm glad you can play Monopoly and stay married. I'm not a competitive person by nature, but something about Monopoly really brings out my ugly side.

Eli has one sippy cup and it cost thirteen dollars. Ouch. I watch that thing like a hawk when we're out with it.

Volleyball girl looks like Gumby.

Glad you had a good time!

The Kampers said...

You look amazing for 31 weeks! Hang in there friend! Glad you had such a good vacation. I have wondered about the nalgene sippy cups...I thought maybe for Christmas for the boys.

Lee and Candace said...

Looks like an amazing time...I hate going back to the real world after vacation!

Rodriguez said...

You look great, I can't believe you are in the home stretch already. Annelise is adorable!