Thursday, August 13

My Sweet Girl


I've tried for months to find a solution to Annelise' constant need of me when I have work to do from home.  She hates to be in a room alone and often requires much of my attention during the day, even if it means she sits on my lap while I type.  While we were on vacation, we decided to get her a new toy.  My mom bought her a small set of legos, which she took to very quickly. Who knew that a $5 set of blocks could solve much of my work-from-home woes!  She now plays very happily on the office floor, while I accomplish my work at the desk above her.  I even enjoy her frequent serenades, as seen in this video.



that is too precious! I wouldn't be able to get any work done with her serenades, it is too cute!! Hope you are feeling well with this pregnancy!

Betsy said...

:) so cute! Thanks for sharing Rach!

the Pie family said...

sooooo cute! she reminds me of isabel, who is always singing. :)thank you for sharing the cuteness!

Pam said...

That is so sweet.
Stephanie gave Evan some Duplo blocks and he plays with them for hours. They are great!