Monday, August 24


I'm crazy, really.  Today is Matt's first official day back to work since summer started.  Its a long, sad day for all of us.  Annelise has already called for him twice, with a look of disappointment on her face when there was no answer.  School starts in two weeks, so teachers are back to work preparing.

Today is also the day that my sister Sarah heads back to college in West Virginia.  Leah (her twin) went along for the ride, so I am watching her 6 month old.  

Did I also mention that Matt's day started at 8 and won't end until 9?

Oh and our second car is at the mechanic having body work done, so I'm stuck at the house.

And...I borrowed my mom's carpet cleaner to try to salvage the rug in the our living room - since Annelise thought spilling a whole cup of black coffee on it would be a grandiose idea.

So, its 11:35 - I've already vaccuumed the floors, cleaned the rug in the living room, put Alayna down for a nap, snuck Annelise' teddy bear and blanket into the wash while she watches cartoons and managed to drink a glass of orange juice.

Phew!  It might be a long day.  But, a great taste of the reality that is going to hit me in 6 weeks. I have decided that starting the prayers now would be a great idea.


krissy said...

holy cow! GO woman!!

krissy said...

and i love your new page!!

The Kampers said...

oh mama! You can do it! And as my mom always says, if the kids are alive at the end of the day, you have done your job!

Pam said...

You CAN do it! I wish we lived closer. I'd entertain the girls for you and let you get some rest. Plus it would be fun to have Evan play with them :)

Lee and Candace said...

See...what you need to do is watch 3 kiddos. Then going to 2 isn't that bad...right Cydney? Okay, so it's still a different way! You'll do great!