Friday, August 14

Double Stroller

So, I've seen a few posts about this on friends' blogs, but haven't seen much in solution.  I'm really the kind of person that needs someone to tell me, definitely, what they think is the best product out there and why.  What kind of double stroller should Matt and I purchase for our babies?  I've heard a sit 'n stand is the best - especially for active toddlers - like Annelise.  I found two Baby Trend Sit 'N Stand LX strollers on Craigslist for only $80 each.  Then, I wonder, is there a reason they are selling them so cheaply and so soon after they bought?

So, HELP!  Tell me what you think.  I'm all ears.



I am still trying to find one I like. I have heard that the sit and stands are great, but when I go look at them I just don't understand why. 1) when they are sitting or standing, they get to stare at whom ever is pushing the stroller. That is no fun. And my daughter is in the kicking stage, so that would make no fun for me. 2)What if they fall asleep while out and about?
I do know that have omitted the side by side strollers from my list, as they would not be very functional in all stores, due to the width.
I too have been searching for the right one and still haven't found the one I like but there are a couple that I have my eye on. Now just to decide :)
The second one I don't see online. But if you go into target it is Brown with pastel colored circles on it.
Good luck on your search.

Kentucky Kate said...

I'm also still looking for one I like. I have a duoglider double stroller, but it is much too big and cumbersome. It works okay for taking long walks, but I have to heave all of my weight against it to get it to turn.

I'd like a side-by-side I think. I was originally worried about the width, but the duoglider is such a pain that I never take it in stores anyway. I'm leaning toward a simple double umbrella, or maybe a double jogger.

The Kampers said...

For us, we ended up with two. A regular stroller doesn't work on the camp's sandy roads. We have a double jogger that is wonderful, just a hand me down kind of deal. We need the big tires for the sand. I have been able to use it since Elliot was little tiny.

We also have a double umbrella, a Chicco...bought used for about $50. You remember the saga with that getting broken on our trip this spring. The new one is wonderful! Love the reclining seats (recline independently) The baskets (there are two) are big enough to carry a long. It even has separate buntings for the babies' legs. It's pricey, but I would say worth it, especially if you can get one used. And the fact that it's an umbrella means I can keep it in the back of my van and still have space. It's very easy to open and close, even with a baby in arm. Oh, and you can use it for newborns too. Here is the link to the one the airline bought us. We got the first one off of ebay or craigslist...can't remember which.
Hope that helps. It is a hard decision.

running shoes said...

We went to Babies'R Us to drive them around and to see how well they were made. The Sit and Stand joints and plastic were very cheaply made. The turning radius was not so good and wobbled a bit on the turn. This was a surprise to me because people who have it seem to like it. Another problem we ran into is that Travis didn't have adequate space for his knees (touched the seat in front) when sitting in the seat. Depending on how tall Annelise is you may not have this problem.

We went with the Joovy Caboose, which at retail is very pricey. We found it on ebay for much less w/ free shipping. Another one we considered was phil & ted (I'd bet you can find a good deal)

Lee and Candace said...

I've used two different side by sides and I like those better than the ones that go in front of each other. Ours is a jeep brand. Not expensive. I like how the seats can recline somewhat so I can put the baby in it even. I think the side by sides are easier to put in the car. They are not as bulky. I know Cydney has a good one too...I think hers is a Combi. Hers has baskets which is nice. The only disadvantage to a side by side is they don't always fit through the aisles of stores when you are shopping...especially smaller stores, but over all I really like ours.