Saturday, August 15

Bedtime Woes

She looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't she?  Don't be fooled.  My dear husband spent the better part of an hour trying to get her to nap in her bed today.  Disciplining your child in a God-honoring, consistent way is exhausting.  After 5 spankings and lots of crying, screaming and manipulation, she finally fell asleep.  I'm sure that the majority of parents reading this are snickering under their breath.  So, since you've been through it and obviously think its funny, any advice?

We've determined this is a battle we're going to fight and win, especially before our sweet Elliora arrives in October.


The Talberts said...

Sleep is definitely not something we have down around here. Rare is the night when everyone sleeps the whole night through. Usually J and L end up in bed with us and I am in and out of Eli's room.

Anyway. I was just wondering .. do you think anything else is going on with Annelise to make her more apprehensive about napping today? Teeth? More tired than usual?

The Neals said...

i'm pretty sure she was overtired from weekend activities and that usually results in extra disobedience. we try to be understanding in most cases, but Matt felt he needed to win this battle today. once she fell asleep she stayed that way until 7:30 PM! she was so tired.

Pam said...

We haven't crossed that bridge with sleeping yet. He is getting stubborn in other things though. We just try our best to stay consistent. Mean what we say, and say what we mean with swift and certain consequences so he knows that how he just acted is wrong. Followed by some love after.
Keep on!
I'm going to be checking in for advice from others. I'm sure I need it :)

Kelly Glupker said...

Did she just move to a toddler bed? We had problems with Owen right after we switched him. So we ended up taking the crib out of his room so he couldn't argue to sleep in it. We also had to discipline but after a few nights of consistency he quit putting up a fight. Now bedtime is a breeze again.

Krista Bartlett said...

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