Friday, August 21

Friday Rain

After dinner tonight I swiftly marched into Annelise' bedroom and said,

"Mommy wants the next 45 minutes to herself."

Matt looked a little shell shocked, but responded with an "ok?"

I think he was hoping I wasn't on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  

Actually, I had just made myself a hot cup of chai and decided it would be perfectly enjoyed 

at my desk, in my office, watching the rain fall, while I blog.

So, here goes.  

Isn't he sweet?  Little Mason Oliver Williams was born to my best friend Lisa and her family on July 30th.  Here's to a "better late than never" congrats on my blog.  

Alayna Jay is getting so big!  Leah and I have been swapping kids lately, so she and Annelise are getting quite acquainted with one another.  Annelise LOVES her. 
I've nervous to even say that we hit a milestone...but Annelise pooped in the potty for the first time last week.  Mind you, she hasn't done it since.  But, it was a small step in the right direction.  I've already determined I'm not going to push her to potty train.  She's been asking to use the potty, so we've been allowing her to try.  I'm not naive enough to think that we can even slightly manage to get her trained in 8 weeks before this new baby arrives.  I'm very comfortable with the fact that I will have two in diapers.  At least one can tell me when they've pooped, right?

Did I mention that Annelise LOVES Alayna?  I found her in the exersaucer yesterday.  When I entered the room, she quickly bounced up and down chanting "Layna, Layna."  I guess that makes it ok?

And I'll leave you with this kind of sweet, kind of scary photo of Annelise, taken this evening. In her mischievousness, she brought me the digital camera, turned on and said, "Cheese."  So, I amused her by taking a photo.  I have to admit, she's pretty darn cute when she's being naughty - which is more often than I'd like.

Oh and lest you think I'm forgetting that I'm pregnant,  I'm 33 weeks, measuring 35, which means nothing I know.  This pregnancy has flown by and I have been so blessed with a summer that has been cooler than normal.  As I enter the home stretch, I must say, I'm feeling this baby's size much more than I did with Annelise.  The doctor says her legs are very long (in the 90th percentile!) and this past week she has given me every reason to believe she is going to be bigger than Anne's 6 lbs 13 oz.  Boo!

I'll leave you with this comical story.  Last night we spent the evening in downtown Holland watching the street performers that they have every Thursday night.  Its a great way to entertain ourselves (FREE) and get some exercise walking.  As we stood in a crowd of people, watching a performer, Matt witnessed two young girls staring at me.  Without breaking her stare, one leaned over to the other and said,

"Oh my, she - is - VERY - pregnant!"


Pam said...

Well my VERY pregnant have one cute little girl! She just makes me smile :)
And Alayna! She is growing too fast!!! What and adorable baby :)
Can't wait to see the next bundle of cuteness soon.
Love ya! Glad you got some time to yourself tonight.

Angie said...

I try the whole I need time to myself but it doesn't usually work very well. Jon usually keeps one kid occupied while the other one is searching the house to find me. You should have heard Wyatt when I shut the door to use the bathroom, you would've thought he was dying or something. I love my boys but that mommy time is always needed!

The Kampers said...

way to go with mommy time! Glad you were able to enjoy it! I am thinking I need to do an early morning run to Micky D's some times soon.

Cute new blog look! And those girls were probably in awe of how cute you are! Can't believe your are 33 weeks already! So glad the summer was so cool for you, last summer was awful being pregnant!

Krista Bartlett said...

Only 8 weeks left? I can't believe you are going to have a new little one in 8 weeks. It is such a blast... a little overwhelming at first, but then a sweet treat from the Lord.
Hang in there Sista. The feeling "very pregnant" stage is the worst. I am feeling for you.