Friday, October 9

Hello Sweet Due Date

Ironic.  Today is the day I was due to have Elliora Grace.  I think its only appropriate that I awoke from the worst night's sleep since having her.  A sweet reminder of what I got myself into.  I'm exaggerating - she actually slept 5 hours straight, after 4 hours of wanting to eat every 15 minutes.

No matter how bad last night was, I'm thrilled that I'm not still pregnant, waiting for this baby to come.  

Hello and goodbye sweet due date.  


The Kampers said...

Hurray for babies that can live on the outside! Sorry last night was so very rough! Hang in will get better. When does Matt get home?

Kara said...

4 out of 5 were early here, so I always had those same thoughts!
Cluster feeding, man oh man is that exhausting. I feel your pain.