Saturday, October 3

More Elliora

Day two after the c-section and I am feeling better than expected.  I was able to take a shower this morning, blow dry my hair, put makeup on - and even go for a short walk to the nursery to get my baby girl.  The anesthesiologist came in to check on me and didn't realize I was the patient.  That was a compliment.  But, after all that hard work getting ready this morning, I think a nap is in order this afternoon - for all three of us.

I had to post these two pictures on here for memories' sake.  Top is Annelise, bottom is Elliora.
Do you think they look alike?

Proud mama and papa.  Sorry you can't see the baby's face.

Annelise meeting her sister for the first time.  She loves to give kisses.

GiGi with her third granddaughter in 2 years.  She is going to be busy!

Daddy taking Elli to the nursery so mommy could shower.  He's beaming!

I already love her so much.


Amanda Irene said...

Wow they do look alike! I think they are so chubby and cute! They are just perfect congrats.

The Talberts said...

Oh .. that last picture is so sweet.
She's precious. I'm glad you're feeling well and having a good recovery.

DJS said...

She has "the eyes." You, your mom, your sisters...and your daughters. :)

DJS said...

Sorry! It's me, Kimberly! :) I jumped on my computer after my mom was on. :)

Angie said...

She is beautiful! does Annelise like her? i can't wait to come and see her. That first photo made Jon a little squeemish,but I love seeing that first cry!

Lee and Candace said...

Wow...she looks so much like Annelise's baby picture! Absolutely adorable!!! That is picture of Annelise kissing her is too sweet!! We'll pray you get some good rest these first few days! Congratulations again!!!

ABOUT US said...

Congrats!! She is beautiful!!

Sarah Glupker said...

What a beautiful mom you are! With beautiful girls, too. Your mom looks like she's in her glory yet again. Funny....I was thinking back a few years remembering when she was carrying you around, Rachel, and my mom was holding Drew....You're right. Time flies. And the blessings of life continue to come!

Sarah Glupker said...

And I just have to say: YOU THE WOMAN! for posing those ceserean pics. Out of all the gross things I have seen, smelled, and touched over my nursing career, I'll never forget the sight and smell that almost did me in...the C-section I witnessed during nursing school. You women go through something else to deliver those babies(though I fully realize you are not feeling it at the time). The cauterizing of the skin is what got to me. BUT-- the birth of that baby is still an incredible thing....every time. Okay. That's a freebie thought and now I'm done.