Tuesday, October 6

Just Another Tuesday...

I don't think so.  

Its our second full day at home.  And we are all adjusting to this new baby quite well.

Well, most of us anyways.  Annelise has had a few moments of expected jealousy.  And we're rolling with the punches as they come...sometimes almost literally.

I love that she loves the baby.  Each morning she wakes up and the first words I hear in the monitor are "Baby go?"

Its true, with your second child, you rarely think to snap a photo.  Well, you think of it, then your toddler requires your immediate attention and the thought is gone.

So, I've made a concerted effort to not let Elliora slip through the proverbial cracks in the photography pavement and have managed to take a few shots of our sweet, 5 day old baby girl.

She is very content most of the day.  And when she does cry, it sounds like she has lost her voice.  Its very squeaky and airy.  I'm not sure how, but its cute.

A little blurry, but irresistible nonetheless.  She was a ham last night.

Elli's first bath.  She hated it, as expected.  But, she had to be clean for her first doctor's appointment today.

I remember putting Annelise in this outfit.  Oh how time flies.

Matt gets just a few days off with us at home.  He has been such a huge help - especially with Annelise.  I can already feel the stinging of tears at the thought of him returning to work.  Ugh!

Oh, and I'm sure some of you are wondering how this mama is doing in her post c-section recovery?  Well, I must say, I'm doing exponentially better than expected.  Thanks for asking.


Lee and Candace said...

She is absolutely adorable Rachael!!! And I see you found a snugly blanket for her too:) Isn't it so nice to bring out those clothes again?:) Enjoy your time with Matt! And it's okay if you cry when he leaves...I did for sure!!!

The Kampers said...

What a darling! And I a begged Noah not to leave me the first, second and 14th week after Elliot was born:) Glad he is able to be home a while!

Pam said...

What a sweet baby, I just want to snuggle her.
I remember that lavender outfit, Annelise wore it to my baby shower :)

Kelly Glupker said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so well. Enjoy these days with your husband home!

krissy said...

She is a beautiful baby!!