Thursday, October 29

Loving Fall

I have two cans of pumpkin in my cabinet, but no evaporated or sweetened condensed milk.  Someone tell me how I can make a yummy, pumpkin dessert without the latter two items?  This love of fall is killing me without pumpkin yumness in my house.

Regarding fall...and babies - which obviously the two go together...mhmm - Elliora is growing like a weed and sleeping a little better at night.  We go to the doctor tomorrow for her one month check-up.  I swore I wasn't going to say it, but alas I give in, I can't believe its been a month already.  At her last appointment, she gained a whopping pound in less than a week.  I'm fairly confident tomorrow's results will be similar.  She's a fabulous eater...much unlike her sister who still refuses a full meal per day.  What will I do with her?

Speaking of Annelise...she's been dramatically stripped from the spotlight since her sister entered our world.  Yet, she has adopted much less of the sibling jealousy than I first feared.  Did anyone else notice that their first born became a giant when they brought a new life into the world?  It seems like overnight Annelise has gained ten pounds, began speaking in full sentences and went from a size three shoe to a five and a half overnight.  My wallet is screaming!

Lest I leave him out as well, Matt has been adjusting to having another girl in the house.  He loves being a daddy - especially to daughters - but the lack of sleep is beginning to take its toll.  He's been sleeping on the couch in order to get a full night's rest.  Last night as he scooped up his pillow and blanket for another night in the living room we both sighed, unable to acknowledge a better solution, but hoping this one would end soon.  Annelise slept through the night at 12 weeks.  I'm aiming for that.

Ok, my novel of a post is finished.  I have no new pictures to share...I've succumb to the reality that your second child really is photographed less than the first.  Sorry Elli.


The Talberts said...

I always used to make pumpkin pie with soy milk when I didn't have dairy. So I'm guessing you can google a recipe for pumpkin pie that is made with regular milk. I don't have mine anymore or I'd share it. It wasn't quite the same, but it worked in a pinch. Or you could make pumpkin bread.

The Kampers said...

You could do pumpkin cookies...

And yes, Forrest was HUGE when Elliot was born:) I think I wrote a whole post about it!

Hang in there with the sleep thing. You know it will pass, eventually!

Lee and Candace said...

Yes, little girls grow-up so fast when they have a sibling. Isabel adjusted really well to her sister also...loves her, sometimes too much. Lately I've noticed her a little more whiny though and sometimes I think it's jealousy going unnoticed by me. I'll pray Annelise continues to do well.

Kara said...

Yes, pumpkin bread or muffins- yummy and sort of nutritious!
I have a great muffin recipe for pumpkin apple muffins, moist and delicious every time. Let me know if you ever want it.

Kentucky Kate said...

Or pumpkin roll if you have any cream cheese.