Monday, October 19

Our Week in Pictures

Matt's parents came to help me out for the week - and with them they brought Nanny's reading glasses, one of Annelise' favorite toys.  This picture cracks me up!  She looks like a little librarian. 

Paw Paw and Jamal helping Annelise get ready for bed. 

Nanny and Paw Paw with Elliora. 

This week was also special for my family.  My parents are fulfilling a dream of theirs, by opening a family business.  In fact, today is the Grand Opening of Wireless Zone - a Premium Retail Outlet for Verizon Wireless.  We stopped by the store last week to see the construction progress - Annelise couldn't resist giving cousin Alayna a hug.  Too cute!

Paw Paw spent much of the week in this position - napping with Elliora!

Annelise and cousin Alayna sitting on Aunt Leah.


Angie said...

They are sooo cute! Mom and I are trying to find a time to come and visit soon. I can't wait to hold little Elliora! I love the glasses!

Kara said...

OH those glasses! What a hoot!