Friday, October 2

A Baby In 4 Hours

Its 3:17 am.

I've been wide awake since 1:44 am.

Even after taking two Tylenol PM to help me sleep.  Oh well.  I'll be having this baby via c-section at 7:30 am, then I can take a nice long nap.  That's so weird to say.

I went to the hospital today for pre-admission testing.  You know, where they ask you all kinds of medical questions, take your blood and blood pressure.  Unfortunately, what I thought was going to be routine was much more.  (Go figure.  Seems I can't have a baby these days without a little drama.)

My BP was really high.  At my doctor's appointment on Tuesday it was 170/90.  I know, to most people (like me) that means nothing.  Basically, that's REALLY high.  Yesterday, I was consistently at 145/110.  So, they had me come into the hospital for a few hours to monitor me. I was hoping they would just decide to do the c-section last night, but no luck.

They sent Matt and I off for the night.  Which was great - because we enjoyed a wonderful dinner out at my favorite restaurant - Johnny Carino's - and then home to relax.

Now that you're up to date on the drama before the drama, I'll be sure to post pictures of Elliora Grace as soon as I'm up to it.  

Sweet dreams for those of you that are sleeping.


The Talberts said...

Oooh. I'm getting really excited for you guys! I was up all night the night before I had Libby, too. I had been thinking that one of the benefits to a scheduled c-section was that I'd be well rested and ready to deal with all of those all-nighters right around the corner. But no .. I was exhausted. The morphine helps, though. :)
Can't wait to see pictures! Have a great day with your new little girl.

angie said...

I didn't sleep the night before I had Wyatt either....and I was also up way before I had to be. Ty and I said a prayer for you at 7:30 when he woke up. I can't wait to see her cut little face! Give that big sister a kiss and hug for up too!

Lee and Candace said...

I was up at 6:00 a.m. nursing Ana this morning so prayed for you guys. I figured you be ready or getting ready to head to the hospital. We continue to pray and can't wait to hear about Elliora's arrival. I hope you get some rest!

the Pie family said...

been thinking about you and praying for you too. can't wait to see pictures and hear how things went! happy birthday elliora.:)

The Kampers said...

well, by now you should be snuggling that sweet new baby! Hope all went well! Can't wait to see photos! Love you guys!