Tuesday, October 20

Its One of Those Days

Annelise woke up yesterday with a slight fever and a nose running like a sieve.  Elliora slept a total of one hour last night, crying whenever she was awake.  That's a lot of crying.  Nothing would console her.  My poor husband slept on the couch in an effort to get a few hours of sleep before tackling his busy day at school.  Every so often, I would hear Annelise sniffle, cry and cough from her room through the monitor and wonder if I should go tend to her.  Then, the baby would begin screeching again and I would stop to focus on keeping the peace so that the entire house wasn't awake.  

So, you're not surprised its one of those days.

Since I don't can't nap (yes, its the worse curse in the world when you have a newborn) I'm stuck finding ways to get rest today.  I think reading a good book and soaking in a scalding hot bathtub is one way.  


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having a bad day..If I was there I would watch the girls and let you sleep. I don't have the boys today so I went and had a manicure and pedicure. What a treat!! The whole time I was there I was thinking, this is taking so long, I should be home doing something.
Are you going to be home on the weekend of Nov. 13,14,15? Angie and I were thinking of coming to see you and Elli of course. Let me know.
Aunt Suzie

The Kampers said...

oh friend! No good! Boy, I can sympathize with you on sleepless nights. We are still struggling with them here, although it is much much better than it was this spring!

Wish I could bring you dinner!

Kentucky Kate said...

Oh bummer. Have you tried gripe water with her? I haven't used it on previous babies, but Lillie was fussy like that from about weeks 2-5 and it was very helpful. I just picked some up at the drugstore and started giving it to her whenever she would fuss at nights and it was almost immediately effective.

The Neals said...

suzie -

we aren't busy that weekend and would LOVE for you to come visit. :)

thanks for the well wishes liz - i hope it doesn't last long.

katie - i'm going out for gripe water tonight!

Anonymous said...

Trust the good nights are in the near, near future. Some days are hard. You're a good mom and wife. I'm sure Matt appreciates your efforts to let him sleep. I've never heard of that water, but I think I'd try it too!
~Aunt Cathy

The Talberts said...

The bath and book sound lovely. I hope you get a few minutes of rest in your busy day. Sorry you had a bad day.