Thursday, November 27

A Bartlett Thanksgiving

What a fiasco.  My husband clearly didn't know the chaos he was marrying into...or did he? The holiday began with a photo-op.  After many out takes (too many to post) we finally got a great family photo.  Everyone but Annelise smiling?  I'd say that's success.

L to R: My brother Matt and his wife Emily; My sister Leah and her boyfriend Jason; Mom and Dad; Sister Sarah; and the Nealios.

We also thought we'd try to get a Neal family photo for the Christmas card this year.

Outtake number one.  Who's dog is that??

Ah, here's a good one.  Some of you may be seeing it soon in your mailbox.

Matt was obviously having too much fun with this.

My dad getting ready to cut the bird.  Yum!


The Talberts said...

You guys are cute.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Pam said...

Matt had to have SOME idea, after all he made it through Luter family get togethers too :)

That is a really nice family picture of all of you. Everyone looking the same way....someday we might even get one of those.

Lee and Candace said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love the family picture! We drove through your snow storm yesterday! Hope you guys are ok.