Monday, November 24

Great Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a busy time of year for our family.  With me still working at the Mission, it means serving over 600 meals on Wednesday night at our Great Thanksgiving Banquet.  This event has been engraved on my heart.  My dad has been in the rescue mission ministry for over 20 years now.  And I have been serving (as a staff member, though I've spent countless volunteer hours throughout my life) for three years.  Its such a blessing to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday by giving of my time and talents to those in need.

Consider spending some time at your local Mission during this holiday season.  Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a wonderful opportunity to teach your children (and remind yourselves) that serving others is very rewarding!


The Kampers said...

Have a great time! So neat to see bits of "home." We miss that community and you and your family tons! Say Hi to your parents for us.

Jessica said...

I opened this up, saw the picture and read the first sentence and though, man she really has a BIG family if they need that many tables!!! And then I read the rest of the post, ha ha ha!!!

That's awesome that you serve in that way!