Friday, November 7


1. What is your husband's name?  James Matthew Neal
2. Who eats more?  Hm...depends on what we're eating. :)
3. Who said, "I love you" first?  I think me, in a round about way.
4. Who is taller?  Matt
5. Who is smarter? I'd love to say me, but its obviously him.  He's a teacher!
6. Who is more sensitive?  Its a toss up. Neither one of us is very sensitive.
7. Who does the laundry?  Me, until Matt needs something specific washed.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Matt - closest to the door and the robbers that will try to snatch me.
9. Who pays the bills?  Matt, until he forgets and then I go online and save the day!
10. Who cooks more? ME ME ME!
11. Who is more stubborn?  Me, wait him, no...we're both pretty bull-headed.
12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong?  Matt.
13. Who has more siblings? Me.  I have two sister and one brother.  He has one of each.
14. Who wears the pants in the relationship?  Matt, though I try.  That darn sin nature!
15. What do you like to do together?  Eat.  We love to eat out.  Even though we're broke most of the time, we find ways to buy snacks here and there.  We love to watch movies, go for walks, play with Annelise.  All family stuff!
16. Who eats more sweets?  Matt, definitely.
17. Guilty Pleasures?  McDonalds Milkshakes late at night.
18. How did you meet? College.  
Read our story here.
19. Who asked whom out first?  Matt asked me.  I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it.
20. Who kissed who first?  Oh man, what a great story!  Matt didn't kiss me until we had been dating 8 months.  Our first kiss was in the courtyard of the 4th Presbyterian Church in downtown Chicago.  If you've never been there, you must go.  It's right across the street from the Hancock and is magical.
21. Who proposed?  Matt - in the Cincinnati airport when I arrived home from a summer overseas.
22. His best features and qualities?  He is hilarious!  He loves God so much that his passion is teaching the Bible to high schoolers.  He is the best dad in the world!  

I  tag Candace, Angie and Paulina.


Paulina said...

Ok weird. My blog didn't let me know you had updated your blog :( Bad blog! I'll get to filling out the info soon.

Kimberly said...

I enjoyed reading this!

Jerry and Katie said...

We really miss the Presbyterian Church. We use to go to Cheesecake factory across the street and get a dessert to go, bring a bottle of sparkling cider and sit in the court yard. It was such a great date spot! I miss those days in Chicago!