Monday, November 17

A Love Affair

Is it wrong to love your vacuum so much you'd marry it?

Ok, that was cheesy, but warranted.  My wonderful husband graciously allowed me to purchase a Dyson.  I vowed to find one cheaper than retail and succeeded.  And so, without further ado, here is the new love of my life - at least when it comes to cleaning my home.

Do you notice the uncanny sparkle in this photo?  

PS - Did I mention its snowing...a LOT!  6 inches already today!


The Talberts said...

As someone still vacuuming with a burnt orange colored circa 1972 Hoover, I envy you your bright red vacuum. Particularly the fact that you can clean wood and carpet with it! Whenever I try to vacuum our hardwood, the belt breaks. I have to buy about six belts at a time to make the trips to the sweeper shop worth it.
Anyway. As wonderful as your vacuum looks - your sweet Annelise is looking quite lovely these days. She is such a pretty little girl.

The Neals said...

melissa -

i'm not sure how much the belts cost you, but you might add up the savings you'd have by purchasing a dyson. we spent $275, brand new. when i added in the cost of buying a new filter every two months ($144 a year) plus the 5-year warranty on the dyson, i couldn't pass up the deal. i've never heard a bad word about them. with a dog that sheds, a crawling baby and all hardwood floors, it was an investment!

Lee and Candace said...

This info is good to know. We have been wanting to get a new vacuum, but didn't know if it was worth to spend the big bucks on a Dyson. I think it's going to have to be one of our next investments. Any info on where you got would be appreciated (aka how you got such a good deal).

You'll have to let us know how Annelise likes the snow

The Neals said...

i did a search on craigslist and found one in our area. in fact just 5 minutes down the road. you can also get them for a great price on ebay. some don't charge shipping either!

Angie said...

I swear you are my mother's child we must have gotten switched at some point in our lives...she vaccums everyday, I swear! I think she made me hate the vaccum. I remember many weekend mornings being woken up with the vaccum. Jon does most the cleaning in our house, yeah for me!