Monday, November 17

Our Weekend

First, let me thank all of you that commented on my blog about discipline.  Some of your entries gave me a good chuckly (which helped lighten the situation) and others were very practical.  I hope to report back soon with a perfectly disciplined child...yeah right.

Matt and I vowed to relax this weekend, until we heard reports of snow and realized we still hadn't raked our leaves.  So, the beauty of home-ownership consumed much of our Saturday.

Annelise cried most of the time Matt was outside.  She watched intently as he raked the leaves.

PS - It snowed today.  Looks like we're going to get about 3 inches.  Welcome to Michigan!


Lee and Candace said...

Fun, fun...Michigan winters:) And to your comment about our daughters...yes, they would be in a heap of trouble if they played together:)!

The Neals said...

this is probably the time of your that you DON'T miss Michigan!