Monday, November 17

Returning the Favor

I'm catching up on blogging today, so if this is the first post you're reading, scroll down for lots more!  

I have a wonderful friend, named Lisa, who watches Annelise each week while I work.  She is an amazing stay at home mom (read: incredible mother to her two daughters) and has chosen to bless our family by watching Anne at no charge!

In exchange, Matt and I try to watch the girls for them so they can go out on dates.  Well, today, I was able to return the favor for her.  It was a fun day, but made me realize that I'm not ready to add another two children to my household - and how much I appreciate what she does!

Acacia - Lisa's second daughter who's birth was just two weeks after Annelise!

Morgan - Lisa's first-born.  She'll be three in February, but is already such a big helper!

The "play-time" mess that was created in our living room.  This was only 5 minutes after they arrived!

THANK YOU LISA for all you do to help bless our little family!  We love you!


krissy said...

I love your floors!!

The Neals said...

thanks! they came with the house - and were a HUGE selling feature. our living room actually has a "calico" wood floor - so lots of different types of wood. its also not varnished, so has a very rustic feel. we love them!

Elly'sMommy said...

Ben and I occasionally watch his cousin's seven kids for a few days. It's always fun, but always a tad on the crazy side. After they leave we're always very thankful that we still desire a big family, but I think we'd like them one at a time, thank you very much! Aren't we glad that God knew what he was doing when he designed babies to (mostly) come one at a time and then slowly develop into their own person so you have lots of time to ease them into your life!!??!!