Wednesday, November 19

Photo Meme 4 of 4

This was the hardest one of all.  Annelise has such a vibrant, but diverse personality. One minute she's crawling all over the house, chasing me.  She hates to be alone.  Quite often, she'll spend her time sitting on the living room floor, happily playing with....coasters.  

And without fail, she's always got those two fingers in her mouth (upside down) for comfort.

But, my choice photo would be of the flowers in her crib.  Its a little game we play.  Every time I wake her up from sleeping, this is what I find.  Droopy flowers.  How sad!  So, I promptly stand them up.  And without fail, I will surely find them again, dead and drooping to the floor. 

Let's just say her greatest personality strength is consistency.

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Kentucky Kate said...

Is it too late to add one? How about a picture of your bedroom? I vaguely remember it in your old house, but I don't think I've seen a pic of your new house.